Postive Choices

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Positive Choices
1120 Gadsden Hwy
Birmingham, AL 35235

Telephone our office now:
Text Us:251-301-6728

About Positive Choices
We are easy to find. Our Centers are comfortable and casual. Our staff and volunteers really CARE about YOU. Most visits last about 1 hour.


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Pregnancy Test Center Bessemer AL

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Pregnancy Test Center
1230 Club House Place, On Highway 150
Bessemer, AL 35020

Telephone our office now:
(205) 426-2626


About Pregnancy Test Center
Savalife of Bessemer AL has been serving women with hope and help since 1980. Let us help you.

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Womens Hope Medical Clinic

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Womens Hope Medical Clinic
820 Stage Road
Auburn, AL 36830

Telephone our office now:
(334) 502-7000
Text Us:(334) 521-2375

About Womens Hope Medical Clinic
At Women’s Hope Medical Clinic, we offer a variety of services intended to equip you with the knowledge and resources needed to make an informed decision about your pregnancy. Call or visit our clinic to take a free pregnancy test and discuss your options with a trained volunteer client advocate and a medical professional.

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Sav-A-Life Family Hope Center

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Sav-A-Life Family Hope Center
1835 East 3 Notch St
Andalusia, AL 36420

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About Sav-A-Life Family Hope Center
We are a Christian ministry that shares the truth of Jesus Christ’s love and forgiveness with the aim of saving lives.

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Real Life Pregnancy Center

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Real Life Pregnancy Center
104 W Alabama Ave # F,
Albertville, AL 35950

Telephone our office now:
(256) 878-1300

About Real Life Pregnancy Center
Unexpected pregnancy comes with a rush of thoughts and feelings. Educate yourself and make your best decision.


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Abortion Recovery Alabama

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Abortion Recovery Alabama
1225 Willow Creek Place
Alabaster, AL 35007

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About Abortion Recovery Alabama
Free, confidential, caring, non-judgmental. Abortion hurts women emotionally & spiritually, Christ heals all wounds! ARA offers small group Bible studies in different locations in Alabama. We can also refer you to a Bible study near you.

Make a Generous Donation to this Organization

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Five Reasons To Give

No matter where you are in life, young or old, the opportunities to join a philanthropic institution; a charity are found in many places. People become philanthropic when they give to some cause larger than themselves. Giving is far from just making a donation of money. Giving spans financial instruments like stocks, bond, annuities, and matched-gift giving, Gifts-in-kind can be any real thing given such as a car, boat, yacht, motorcycle, computers, desk and chairs, conference room tables, microwave ovens and many other things.

However, no matter how you give, there are five key reasons why you should give to a pregnancy center nearest you.

1. GIVE LOCAL – By giving local you can get to know the people behind the ministry you support. You well be able to see the fruit of your gift as you watch that local center continues methodically serving pregnant women with help in their time of need.

2. GIVE TO SAVE THE UNBORN – There is no other source that can save other humans as radically successful as the local pregnancy resource center. By showing your gift into a local center, you will discover the eternal rewards and blessings for helping saved one of God’s creations.

3. GIVE TO PROVIDE HEALING TO THE BROKEN HEARTED – Most centers provide some level of after abortion recovery support. As they work with women who have experienced abortion, often they are serving someone who has been raped, abused or molested as a child. As your money is used to provide the support, miracles can be seen in the lives of those taking the course of recovery. Your gift will give people a second chance.


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What is better than the gift of life?

What better gift can you give? The gift of life is eternal!
The gift of life, your gift, has the potential to change the world. When you think of it, any material gift is of little worth or benefit compared to the intrinsic value of each unique life. Every child is a bundle of potentiality! Every life is a potential for the world’s greatest mind or the world brightest scientist.

Some of the world’s most unlikely humans have become the men and women that have changed the world. My own son, born to our family at a time when we were young kids barely 20 with hardly a penny to our name. His life started with a problem: a deformed club foot. Surgery after surgery started when he was only a day old. He had to wear corrective braces till he was six years old. Today, that child grew up to become a PH.D, MD, facial cranial plastics surgeon. One of his first surgeries as a new resident in fellowship was to reattach a mans arm chopped off by a machete.

Who would have known in 1968 when my wife was pregnant, what the future held. Those first years were rough for sure. Today, someone might argue that his “quality” of life was threatened. But, his condition has never stopped our son.

When you give a gift of life to a pregnancy center, that gift is used to save the lives of untold numbers of babies threatened by abortion. Your generosity helps your local center to transform the future of young mothers with training and education to help her motherhood experience. Because of the gift, your gift, a child lives. Because of [...]

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