About Contribute Life

Learn About Contribute Life!

Contribute Life is an outreach ministry of Last Harvest- the Outreach based in Garland, TX USA.

As a Contribute Life Advocate of Life, you can make a difference in your community! With your help, you can help us raise the support for pregnancy centers that are a most deserving type of organization. With your most generous donation, you will help the center chosen from our database of hundreds of centers across the United States. Choose a center nearest you. Learn more about them. Contact them through this website. Make a generous donation to them.

Last Harvest does not receive any of the funds sent to any organization. We provide this site as a public service to the local centers. One of our mission targets is to “strengthen and support the local center.” Your use of this website helps us meet that mission goal.

If you wish to learn more about Last Harvest – The Outreach, visit our main site: LastHarvest.org We humbly pray you will consider supporting us that we can continue being a blessing to each of these centers.

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